Is Your Car Submerged Under Water?: How Towing Services Can Help

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On occasion, cars and trucks end up in rivers and sometimes even in lakes. If your vehicle went in close to the the shoreline, there is a good chance that towing services can help retrieve your vehicle. Here is how a towing company can help get your car out of the water and back on dry land.

Diving to Find Your Vehicle

To get your vehicle out of the water, the tow company will need to send a diver down. This person may be a diver who doubles as a tow truck driver or a freelance rescue diver. Once the diver has located your vehicle, he or she will have to look around it to make sure there are no sharp rocks or other items that your vehicle can catch on and get stuck on when the tow truck driver begins pulling it out of the water. The diver will report back to you and the driver (if the driver is not doubling as the diver). If it looks like your vehicle can be safely pulled out, then the next step would be to hook it up to the tow truck's winch.

Hooking up the Winch

The diver has to return to the water with the winch line and hook. Most vehicles will have a connection under the back or front bumper, a sort of D-ring hook that the winch hook can grab onto. If this connection can be reached, this is where the diver will connect the hook. Otherwise, the diver may wind the winch cable around a bumper or through the car via the open doors or open windows, looping it back on itself and creating a sort of lasso through and around the car. As the diver emerges from the water, the winch system is activated and it begins to pull the car out.

Towing Your Vehicle to a Specialist

Once your vehicle is on dry land again, the tow truck driver will unhook the winch and proceed to load it onto the towing fork. Because your car or truck will have untold amounts of water damage to its interior and water in its engine, it will need to be towed to an automotive specialist who specializes in removing all of the water and ripping out the entire interior and replacing it in order to extract everything that could become moldy and/or mildew-y. If you have anything of value still remaining in the car and you can rescue it, this is the moment to do so. Otherwise it may end up in the garbage with everything else when the specialist clears out your vehicle. Contact a company, such as Elden Dattage Towing & Auto Repair, for more information.   


28 February 2016

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