Common Mechanical Issues That Mercedes M-Class SUV Owners Face

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It seems like every vehicle comes with at least one inherent mechanical issue. While Mercedes cars and SUV's are overall highly rated, they don't escape at least a few common problems. This doesn't mean that your Mercedes M-Class SUV will have problems; it may not even develop any of the most commonly known issues. It does mean that you might want to be aware of potential repairs you may be facing down the road.

Some of the known mechanical issues for these vehicles include:

Door Lock Problem

Some of the M-class SUV's have what has been termed as the "Machine Gun Locks" problem. This is where the door locks rapidly move up and down on their own. The issue is the result of a defective actuator in one of the doors. Even though one is faulty, it will cause all the door's locks to react.

Replacing the defective door lock actuator should resolve the dilemma. This problem was found on models built in 2005 and earlier.

Rough Shifting – Automatic Transmission

M-class owners with a 7-speed automatic transmission have reported that their SUV has developed a rough shifting condition. This is most often felt when the vehicle shifts up from first to second gear, down from third to second, or down from second to first; with that later being the most common complaint. It doesn't seem to happen in higher gears.

Mercedes is on this problem and has released new internal parts that will resolve it. The repairs involve removing and disassembling the transmission.

Power Steering Problems

Power steering leaks in some M-class SUV's have caused vehicle owners to have diminished steering efficiency. In some cases, these leaks have lead to damages to the power steering pump. If you notice a noise in your steering column or feel like your steering isn't acting normal, it would be best to take the vehicle in for service before the problem gets worse.

There have been at least two recalls in the past that have pertained to the power steering of some Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The M-Class series was one of the models involved.

It's important that you keep up with any recalls that may be in effect for your Mercedes M-Class SUV. You can find these listed on Edmunds Mercedes recall page or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) recall pages.

When taking your Mercedes SUV in for repairs, be sure to use a mechanic that is trained to work on these vehicles. Repair shops that are Mercedes-Benz certified are probably your best option. Contact a local shop, like Wolfe's Foreign Auto, for more information.  


31 December 2015

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