Preparing for a Road Trip? Five Essentials to Keep in the Trunk

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Taking a road trip with friends or family can be a great way to spend quality time with the ones you love and is often cheaper than flying, but it does require some careful planning to ensure that you are safe on the road. While you might have already packed your suitcase with the route and destination in mind, you should still take some time to pack the car with safety in mind.

With just a few essentials in the trunk of your car, you can be prepared for a number of different situations that could arise while on the road.

Dry Nonperishable Foods

While it is important to make sure that your car is tuned up and safe to take on the road before leaving on your trip, there is always the possibility that you could get lost, be involved in an accident, or experience car problems. Whatever the cause may be, you do not want to be unprepared if you are stranded in your car for hours.

Packing a few nonperishable foods such as granola bars, jerky, and canned fruit can be helpful if you ever are without help for hours or overnight. Make sure to bring a can opener as well to open any canned foods.

Bottled Water

Even more important than packing emergency food for your road trip is water. Bottled water is crucial when traveling anywhere, especially if you will be traveling in rural areas or where the weather is hot.

To be even more prepared in the event of an emergency, you could pack a water purifier. Travel purifiers are typically compact in size and can help get you clean water wherever you have access to a water source.

Blankets and Insulating Layers

Being stuck in your car overnight can be frustrating if you did not prepare for it, especially if the temperature begins to drop significantly at night. Packing some blankets and insulating layers such as sweatshirts and socks can be very helpful.

First Aid Kit

A small first aid kit with some essentials such as bandages, headache medicine, gauze, and even a needle and thread can make an enormous difference if anybody is injured during the trip. Buying a premade first aid kit or assembling your own kit can help add this extra bit of protection while on your trip and can easily fit in the trunk or anywhere in your car.

Repair Supplies

Some basic car repair tools such as a tire repair kit, jumper cables, and wrench can help get you back on the road and capable of getting to a mechanic if something goes wrong. Most repair items such as these are typically affordable and can help save you money in the event of a tire being blown or the battery dying.

Being prepared during your road trip can make a big difference in how easily you are able to get to your destination. With the right items packed in the trunk of your car, you can enjoy your road trip with the confidence that you are ready for almost anything. To get a car tune up before your trip, contact a service like Big Mechanic.


23 November 2015

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