Steps To Take Before Hiring A Local Towing Service

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Having your car break down is never a pleasant experience, and if you are like most people, you will want to get back on the road as soon as possible. But before contacting the first local towing service you see on your phone's maps app, take a few extra steps to make sure you will be getting great service and that you don't spend any money that you don't have to.

Contact Your Dealership

If you are out of commission somewhere near an official dealership for the car you drive, try contacting the dealership first. Some dealerships may have a deal with a local towing company that can pass significant savings on to you. Some dealerships might even be willing to cover part or all of the towing price if you are getting the car repaired at the dealership. This is less likely to be the case if you are just taking the car to a local mom-and-pop auto shop, but it still might be worth giving them a call as well if you don't have other options to see which towing service they recommend. 

Check with Your Insurance Provider

If you don't remember every box you checked when signing up for auto insurance a while back, you're not alone. But there might be a chance that you asked your insurance provider to help cover you in the event that your car breaks down. Your insurance provider might even have its own roadside assistance program that can help you out for no charge. If you have to use a third-party towing service, there might be some restrictions in place that you will want to be aware of if you are going to ask your insurance provider to pay you back for the tow charges.

Be Sure It's Not Fixable At Roadside

Even if you are not good with cars, you might be able to figure out why your car broke down before calling for help. If the problem is simply a flat tire, see if you can get another passing car to stop and have someone help you fix the flat tire. This will save money, because you obviously will not need to call a towing service then. If you are somewhat more knowledgeable about cars, take a look under the hood and see if you see anything obvious. You may be able to hitch a ride to a nearby auto parts store and get the part you need to fix your car yourself without having to pay anyone for a tow.

Before calling a local towing service, check with your local dealership and your insurance company to see if there are any options for getting a discount on a tow. For more information, speak with experts like Ski Country Shell & Towing.


26 March 2015

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