3 Tips For Parting Out An Old Vehicle

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Do you have an old car that is no longer running or too costly to fix? If you are tired of staring at a junked out vehicle in your driveway, and you have some mechanical expertise, why not make a little extra money from it? Parting out your old car or truck is a great way to make some income on something that was most likely headed for the scrap yard. Here are some tips for getting started on car recycling:

Don't Take the Vehicle Apart Until You Have a Buyer

One mistake that many people make is that they take apart the vehicle all at once. This can result in a disastrous, unorganized mess leading you to give up on parting out the vehicle. You do not want to have a garage full of loose car parts everywhere because you are risking loosing pieces, damaging something, or you could be very confused since so many pieces look alike. Instead, leave the vehicle intact and remove things as they sell. This will leave you more organized and you will know what has already been sold.

Decide How You Are Going to Sell the Parts

Once you have decided to sell parts, decide what route you are going to take as far as selling goes. You have several options, and you can use any or all of these suggestions. You can sell the parts in person by advertising in your local area. You may be able to sell directly to a junk yard if they are in the market for certain parts. Or you can sell them online. There are forums and communities set up especially for selling vehicle parts, especially for older or rarer models.

Take Care When Shipping

If you sell parts online, you need to be extra careful when you ship. First, you need to know about how much shipping is going to cost so you can charge the buyer. You could easily flush away all of your profits on shipping if you don't anticipate how much it will cost. Also, you need to use the proper shipping containers with enough packing material to keep the item safe from damage. Pieces that are more fragile like glass or light plastic may need to be shipped in multiple layers of packing and even inside two boxes to keep it free from damage.

Parting out a vehicle can be a fun side hobby or a full-time income. However, it is very important that you know what you are doing. If you are unsure how to remove parts but still want to make some money on your old car, you may be able to partner with a scrap yard or mechanic that will help you with removal in return for a portion of the profit.


5 February 2015

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