Replacing Your Broken Auto Glass: 3 Facts You Should Know


Are you planning to have your broken auto glass replaced? If so, there are a few facts that you should know before beginning this repair process. Taking the time to review these facts below will help to ensure you enjoy a long lasting repair, as well as minimal out-of-pocket expenses.

Fact 1: You Should Never Drive Your Vehicle With Damaged Auto Glass

While the short trip to a nearby auto glass repair shop may seem like no big deal, driving your vehicle even a short distance with broken auto glass can be incredibly dangerous. This is because when you drive, even at low speeds, the air pressure surrounding your auto glass will increase. Increased air pressure can cause the damage to your glass to spread and may even result in the glass shattering while you are behind the wheel. If this happens, your safety and the safety of other drivers may be compromised.

If your auto glass requires repair or replacement, your best option will always be to either have your vehicle towed to the repair shop or to take advantage of mobile services that are able to come to you.

Fact 2: Your New Auto Glass May Be Vulnerable For Weeks After Installation

Many drivers make the mistake of believing that the sealant holding their new glass in place is completely dry simply because their vehicle is ready to drive within a few hours of having new glass installed. However, this sealant can take several weeks to cure completely.

As the sealant around your window hardens, the strength of your auto glass will increase. The problem is, exposing this glass to more pressure than it can handle during the drying process can easily cause the glass to shift or fall out all together.

Consequently, it is extremely important that you avoid automatic car washes in the weeks following your auto glass replacement. You will also want to avoid waxing your vehicle as this wax can soften the sealant further and ultimately prolong the drying process.

Fact 3: There Is No Need To Wait For Approval From Your Insurance Company

If your auto insurance policy includes glass repairs, there is no need to wait for a claims approval from your insurance company in order to have these repairs completed. This is because auto glass repairs fall into a unique category of repairs that must be completed immediately in order to prevent significant damage to your vehicle.

Consequently, all you will need to do in order to effectively use your insurance coverage is to provide the repair shop with a copy of your current policy. Your installation contractor will then take care of filing a claim for you so that you do not need to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. To learn more, contact a company like A.O.K Auto Body & Glass with any questions or concerns you have.


19 January 2015

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