How A Towing Company Can Transport Your Stranded Car Safely

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Is your car sitting in a parking lot because it broke down out of nowhere? You may want to call a towing company such as A1 Towing & Repair to transport it for you because leaving it there can result in parts getting stolen, and they can do a better job than calling a friend to tow it. Learn how a towing company can transport your car safely, as well as what you will have to pay for them to do it.

How Can a Towing Company Transport a Stranded Car without Causing Damage?

You don't have to risk your car getting damaged by calling a friend to help out. Your friend will have to connect your vehicle to the trailer hitch on the back of his or her vehicle by securing it with a tow strap or cable. Your car will be able to sway as it is being transported, and it can get disconnected during the process because it will only be connected to your friends vehicle by way of a hook on the strap.

Hooking up a car to a tow truck is a task that can be done fast because it does not involve a lot of work. The tow truck driver will simply drive in front of your car so it can be loaded onto a flatbed. The flatbed of the tow truck will go underneath your front tires so they can rest inside of brackets. The brackets will keep the tires in a steady position.

Steel pins are also used to keep the tires steady, as they will be placed inside of the brackets. After the pins are secured in the brackets, your car will either be partially lifted (in the front) or it will be placed completely on the flatbed of the tow truck. It is in your best interest to get the car placed completely on the tow truck because it will keep the wheels and undercarriage parts safer.

How Much Will the Tow Truck Driver Have to Be Paid?

Different towing companies charge customers in various ways. Some companies charge a flat rate for local towing, while others base the cost on how many miles the car is being towed. However, it is most common for towing companies to charge a flat rate for hooking up the car to the tow truck and charging a fee based on a set chart with different prices within a certain range of miles.

The best way to get an idea of what you will pay before actually using a towing service is to call in advance and let them know how many miles your vehicle must be towed. They can then quote you a price so you can determine if it is within your budget or not. Make sure you have cash to pay the driver upfront, or you may be able to use a credit card. Your car will be towed to your desired location in no time after the tow truck driver arrives!


13 January 2015

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