Tips For Paying Your Collision Deductible


If you have recently been in an accident, your insurance company is going to want you to fix your vehicle right away. However, when you take your vehicle in for repair, you need to be prepared to pay your deductible.

Paying Your Deductible To Your Insurance Company

Some insurance policies require that you pay the deductible directly to the insurance company. In that case, talk with your insurance agent and verify how much you owe. You may not have to pay a deductible at all if you were not at fault.

If you are paying your deductible directly to your insurance company, be sure to ask about your payment options. Oftentimes, your insurance company will allow you to just add it to your total insurance bill. In that case, your deductible will just be added to your next insurance payment, whenever that may be. That will give you some more time to get the money together to pay off your deductible.

Be sure to pay with a check or credit card so you have proof that you paid your deductible.

Paying Your Deductible To The Auto Repair Shop

On the other hand, some insurance companies allow you to pay your deductible directly to the auto repair shop handling your vehicle.

If that is the case, you should wait until you pick up your vehicle before you pay your deductible. The quote they provided you with may have changed, and thus the amount that you have to pay may have changed as well.

Once again, it is smart to pay your deductible to the auto repair shop that fixed your vehicle with either a check or with your credit card. That way, if your insurance company has any questions about if you paid the deductible, you have additional proof that you paid it. Having a withdrawal from your checking account or a charge on your credit card, along with your receipt, is much stronger proof than a receipt alone, which is why you should not pay with cash.

Ask About A Waiver

If it really is a hardship for you to pay the deductible at this time, ask your insurance company about a waiver. In some states, insurance companies and repair shops will work together and grant you a wavier. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent, as this is only legal in some states.

If you have recently been in an accident, make sure you understand how much you owe for your deductible to get your vehicle repairs and whom you pay it to. Make sure you pay the right party, and be sure to keep records of any payments that you make.

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8 January 2015

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