Top Questions About Taking A Long-Distance Trip On Your Motorcycle


If you really want to take advantage of everything the open road has to offer, any biker will tell you that a motorcycle is the best way to go. As you travel through every new location, you get to take full advantage of your surroundings. You have the chance to take in all an atmosphere has to offer, catch narrow side roads when you get the chance, and pull off pretty near anywhere to grab a picture or take in the view.

29 December 2014

3 Common OBDII Error Codes, What They Mean, And Their Solutions


When check engine lights first appeared on cars, the solution was simple — take the car into a shop. Now that cars are equipped with on-board diagnostic systems (OBD, OBDII), the idea is that by plugging a reader into the OBD or OBDII port, the problem can be diagnosed and fixed immediately. It's not that simple. Codes simply refer to one of the sensors within the vehicle, many of which can be tripped by various problems.

22 December 2014

Reasons You May Need To Call A Towing Company

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When you think about trying to move a vehicle that is unable to be driven, you most likely think about hiring the services of a towing company to help. Tow truck services specialize in moving immobile vehicles, but they are also used for other smaller services, as well. If you have a mishap with your vehicle, check to see if it is something that may be able to be helped with the assistance of a towing company.

17 December 2014