Top Questions About Taking A Long-Distance Trip On Your Motorcycle


If you really want to take advantage of everything the open road has to offer, any biker will tell you that a motorcycle is the best way to go. As you travel through every new location, you get to take full advantage of your surroundings. You have the chance to take in all an atmosphere has to offer, catch narrow side roads when you get the chance, and pull off pretty near anywhere to grab a picture or take in the view. As rewarding as this is, the idea of taking a long trip on a motorcycle can be a little intimidating if you have never done so. Here are a few of the most common questions about taking a long-distance trip on a motorcycle.

Is there a certain type of bike that is best built for a long-distance trip?

There are absolutely some bikes better for long trips than others. For example, you probably would not hop on a basic bike and expect it to handle the road like a model built with features that offer more comfort for the long distance rider. If you plan on making an investment in a bike specifically for a long haul, there are features you should look for as you skim choices at the local shop or motorcycle trader. You will want:

  • A seat that provides the ability to shift positions and move around
  • Additional foot pegs or a floorboard footrest
  • Dual suspension systems under the chassis
  • Height that will allow you to ride comfortable and stop easy

How should you plan for fuel with such a small tank?

Motorcycles often only have enough space for a few gallons of gas at a time. Therefore, you will not have as much leeway when it comes to taking detours or not planning ahead of time the route you should take. It is best to take time to plan checkpoints before you set out to make sure you will always have fuel within reach. Keep in mind that in the western part of the country, just one stretch of roadway between fuel opportunities can push the limits of the gas you have in your full fuel tank. Therefore, know your mileage capabilities like the back of your hand, and keep a detailed travel plan on hand.

Taking a trip on a motorcycle is much different than traveling the open road in a car. While it will require more planning, critical thinking, and even training, one trip can turn out to be the best ride you have experienced.


29 December 2014

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