Is Your Car Submerged Under Water?: How Towing Services Can Help

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On occasion, cars and trucks end up in rivers and sometimes even in lakes. If your vehicle went in close to the the shoreline, there is a good chance that towing services can help retrieve your vehicle. Here is how a towing company can help get your car out of the water and back on dry land. Diving to Find Your Vehicle To get your vehicle out of the water, the tow company will need to send a diver down.

28 February 2016

Two Signs That Your Vehicle's Suspension Is Going Out

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The suspension in your car is one of the most important, albeit overlooked, aspects of the vehicle.  Suspension is essentially the aspect of your automobile that allows your wheels to grip the road so you have a comfortable ride.  The vehicle's chassis, shocks and struts all make up the suspension system, and when it is malfunctioning, you may not know how to link the problems to faulty suspension.  Use this information to learn more about the signs which indicate that you may be having suspension issues.

20 January 2016