Technological Breakthroughs In New Automobiles

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We are a few years away from having cars that completely drive themselves, but many new vehicles contain systems that make traveling much safer. Even excellent drivers make mistakes, so vehicles that can alert you to problems and even override your actions can save you and other drivers on the road. If you are in the market for a new car, consider investing in a technologically advanced model. 

Braking Sensors

Know as "autonomous" braking technology, this system allows your car to apply the brakes if you fail to do so. Although your car will not stop completely, the speed will be reduced to minimize the impact with a car or obstacle ahead. By 2020, some cars will be able to stop the car even if you are flooring the gas pedal. Your car will get to make the final decision about braking instead of you.

Remote Shutdown

Services already exist that allow your car to be remotely "deactivated." Police can now use this service to shut down cars that are involved in high-speed chases, protecting the driver and other motorists out on the road. The system can also be used when a car has been stolen or when the bank is repossessing your car. These remote shutdowns, for the most part, are designed to protect the vehicle's owner. 

Active Health Monitoring

Car manufacturers are currently developing active health monitoring systems that keep an eye on your heart and your glucose levels. If your vehicle detects a health issue, it will be able to pull over and contact the hospital for you, potentially saving you and other drivers. Some of these systems will work in concert with other devices so that your car collects extensive health information on you as you drive. Only a few cars currently have this technology, but more will in the next year or so. This system will be particularly helpful when you are taking a long and arduous trip. 

The totally autonomous car is not available on the market yet, but in a few years, you may actually own a vehicle that can drive itself. Until then, you can choose from many models that use sensors and other safety features to keep you safer than ever while driving. Your car can already apply the brakes for you and be remotely shut down. You can also take advantage of health monitoring in a few vehicles. If you are ready for a new ride, check into these marvelous technological advances. Talk to a local car dealership, such as Milo Peterson Ford Co, about what new technological features are available.


1 October 2015

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