How To Inspect And Replace The Drive Shaft Belt On A Compact Tractor

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Small farms are growing in the U.S. as more people turn to the land to grow fruits and vegetables for local marketplaces and feed their families. If you are a new small farmer headed toward your first fall harvest time, it is important that the equipment you are going to use during the harvest (especially if you bought used equipment to keep your start-up costs down) is checked for worn parts before it is heavily used. One part you should check on your compact tractor is the drive belt. Here is how you can inspect and replace the drive belt on a compact tractor.

Inspecting the Belt

The drive belt runs underneath the compact tractor. Drive the tractor up onto a set of car ramps so you can easily get under the tractor. Make sure you chock the back wheels so it doesn't roll backwards. Crawl under the tractor and check to see if the drive belt is frayed or cracked. If it is showing signs of wearing out, you'll want to replace it before your harvest season begins.

Removing the Drive Belt

Release the pressure on the tension pulley by pulling back on the arm connected to the pulley. Slide the belt off of the pulley.

Remove the center bolt on the clutch assembly with a wrench. You will want to make sure you keep the clutch assembly from spinning around while you are trying to loosen the bolt. An easy way to do this is to grab a pair of channel locks and grab the lip of the clutch so it doesn't move. Pull out the clutch assembly and set it aside (the electric wires will still be attached to the assembly, so be careful not to pull any wires out).

Take off the drive belt by unwrapping it from the motor first and then removing it from the back pulley.

Installing New Belt

You need to make sure you get an exact replacement drive belt specifically designed to fit your compact tractor. You might be able to read the model number off of the old belt, but if this information has worn off, just take the belt with you to a parts shop.

Take the new belt and wrap it around the pulley. Then wrap it around the motor. Stretch the belt up to the tension pulley, and then pull back on the arm so you can slide the belt onto the tension pulley.

Replace the clutch assembly, remove the blocks behind the back tires, and drive the compact tractor off of the car lifts. For more information about agricultural equipment, contact a company like Creel Tractor Company.


5 August 2015

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