New Towing Business And Bought A Used Tow Truck? Make Sure It Is Ready For Towing

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If you have just purchased a used tow truck, you should take time to make sure it is ready for towing before you start using it. This will ensure you get to your destinations on time, as well as transport vehicles without damaging them. Below are 2 parts of your tow truck that you should take time to check. 

Check Tires

One of the most important things you need to check is your tires. The tires should be at the right pressure. First you need to know the recommended tire pressure level for the trailer and truck tires. You can usually find this information in the owner's manual. Manufacturers check tire pressure on their tires when they are cold, so you should do the same when checking the pressure yourself.

You will need a tire gauge to check the pressures in your tires. You can find this at an auto parts store. It will come with instructions, but you press the gauge onto the tire's valve stem, and then a few seconds later release it to check the pressure. Look at the gauge for the current pressure of the tire. Move your way around the entire tow truck and trailer. Write down the pressure of each tire as you go. Add some air if the pressure is too low, or release air if the pressure is too high.

Check the lug nuts on the both the truck and your trailer to make sure they are tightened and have the correct torque.

Check Lifting Sling

You should check the lifting sling, also known as the recovery strap, at the beginning of each day. These straps should always be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. Never wash them with any kind of detergent, because the chemicals in these detergents will wear them down quicker. When inspecting the sling look for any rips, tears, loose stitching, abrasions, and fraying.

Make sure the lifting sling is the right rating, which is the maximum weight it can lift. This should come with the user's manual. If you do not know, ask the manufacturer for this information. If you replace your lifting sling, destroy the old one. This will ensure no other tow truck drivers will accidentally use the damaged sling on their tow trucks.

You can save a lot of money purchasing used instead of new, but only if the truck works properly. Before you even purchase it, have it checked out by a mechanic who has experience working on tow trucks. Ask the mechanic about other things you should check. For more information, contact a tow truck company like Big Ben's Towing & Recovery LLC.


22 July 2015

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