New Vs Used: What Type Of Truck Is Right For You?

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When purchasing your next truck, one of the first and most important decisions that you will need to make is whether to purchase a brand new truck or a used one. While you may assume that a brand new truck is always the superior option, the truth is, both of these options have impressive benefits that you should consider. By taking the time to review the information outlined below, you can ensure that you are ready to choose the type of truck that is best suited to your particular needs, whether you're looking for a new Ford truck or a something that's been used before.

Option 1: Buying A Brand New Truck

The Pros

  • Warranty - Brand new trucks will typically come with an extended warranty that covers virtually every part of the vehicle. This type of warranty can greatly reduce the risk that you will have any out-of-pocket repair costs in the near future.
  • Custom Options - When purchasing a brand new truck, you will have the opportunity to choose exactly what available features are included in your vehicle. This will help to ensure that you end up with a truck that is perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Available Financing - Financing companies will routinely offer special financing to qualified buyers when purchasing a brand new truck. The wide selection of available financing options for these vehicles can help to make this purchase possible even when working with limited funds upfront.

The Cons

  • Cost - While new vehicles may come with fancy financing offers that save you money upfront, these vehicles will often cost you considerably more in the long run.
  • Depreciation - While vehicles will continue to depreciate throughout their entire life, the rate at which they depreciate during the first few years is significantly higher.

Option 2: Buying A Used Truck

The Pros

  • Selection - When visiting a used truck dealer, you may have the ability to choose from a much wider selection of makes, models, and features than when shopping with a dealer who specializes in brand new vehicles. This wide selection will allow you to find the vehicle that is perfectly suited to you.
  • Turn-Around Time - Most used vehicles are available for immediate purchase when paying cash or obtaining in-house financing. This means that, rather than waiting for a new vehicle to arrive on the lot, you will be able to drive away with your new truck the very same day.

The Cons

  • Financing - Since used cars typically sell for far less than new cars, the financing options that are available for the purchase of these vehicles can be significantly limited.
  • Warranty - Used vehicles will typically come with a very limited warranty. In fact, these warranties may only last a few days when purchasing an older model truck.

The Bottom Line

Factors such as your current budget, your willingness to accept risk, and the features you want on your vehicle can all impact which type of truck is right for you. Consequently, there really is no right or wrong choice. Instead, the choice between the purchase of a new truck and the purchase of a used truck will need to be made on an individual basis. However, taking the time to consult with a reputable car dealership in your area can help you to ensure you are making the best possible decision for your needs.


11 February 2015

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