Alligator Hunting: Why You Want Something Bigger Than A Jon Boat

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If you live in the bayous of the south, you are quite familiar with alligator hunting season. You know very well how your boat plays a part in getting as many big alligators as you can in your boat without making it sink or capsize. That said, when you want to buy another boat, you do not want a Jon boat for alligator hunting:

You Need Lots of Room for Alligator Carcasses

Alligators, as any alligator hunter knows, range from six feet to over twenty feet long in adulthood. Most Jon boats can match that length, but they cannot hold the weight of big alligators. The flat benches in a Jon boat also obstruct the movement inside the boat, prohibiting an alligator hunter from moving about easily and finding the kill shot.

The fact that Jon boats are flat bottom, rectangular boats with minimal depth makes it difficult to pull more than one alligator into the boat before the boat starts to weigh down. More than one good-sized alligator in the boat could cause the boat to take on water and sink, as the water would come up over the sides of the boat.

Alligators Could Take a Chunk out of You Before You Get Them

With the way Jon boats are designed, an alligator could throw itself into your boat and take a bite out of you before you have a chance to kill it. These powerful beasts will put up quite a fight, and that includes jumping up out of the water, into your boat, or capsizing your boat to get at you. The bigger the fishing boats you own to hunt alligators, the better off you will be.

Consider Owning Two Boats and Two Separate Outboard Motors

If you own a larger boat with lots more horsepower in the outboard motor, that is a far better choice for alligator hunting. It will give you the depth, length, height and reverse power you need to hunt these prehistoric beasts. Then you could own the Jon boat for those more relaxed times when you are out crayfishing or shooting ducks.

The quieter, easier outboard motor on the Jon boat gives you just enough power to steer through the water without scaring off your prey. If and when you have a problem with one of your boat motors, you can substitute one for the other while the broken one is in an automotive shop for repairs. To learn more, contact a company like LSK Marine with any questions you had.


29 January 2015

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