How To Tell If Your Truck Needs Transmission Services


If your truck is the workhorse of your life, it's important to keep it in tip top shape at all times. If you've been noticing some changes such as slipping gears or trouble when shifting, it could be a transmission issue. Having a routine transmission check is essential in keeping your truck running at top-notch condition. Here are some warning signs not to ignore that may indicate your transmission needs attention.

Noises When Shifting

Proper shifting from one gear to the next is one of the most important functions of a vehicle. If you've been noticing problems when you shift your truck, it could be related to the transmission. This sign may not be subtle if you have an automatic transmission as opposed to a manual. It may appear that the RPMs increase and the truck may not want to go much faster despite the fact you've pushed down on the accelerator. Another noticeable sign is a loud clanking noise. If you hear a grinding noise when shifting or a lot of shaking as you feel the car trying to go into the next gear, you should have your transmission serviced at once.

Fluid Leaks

Have you been noticing some stains on your garage floor where your truck has been parked? Check for some identifying factors with the stain. If you have an automatic transmission, you will notice a bright red translucent type of fluid. For a manual, you may see more of a greenish or darker colored fluid. This could indicate a leak in your transmission or one of the hoses. If the fluid is cloudy and not translucent, this is a likely indicator that your transmission needs servicing.

Movement Delay

If you get into your vehicle and it jerks or hesitates to move, the transmission will have to be serviced. A total transmission failure will occur when the vehicle will no longer shift on its own or it won't move once it's started. This can be dangerous if this occurs while your truck is in motion.


Anytime your vehicle overheats, you should automatically shut it off until you can troubleshoot the issue. With a transmission issue, it will get hot when it's out of fluids. This causes a strong odor or burning smell under your hood. Generally, there are no warning signs or temperature gauges that alert you that the transmission is dry or faulty. If you're experiencing a hot, burning smell, contact a qualified mechanic and have your truck towed for servicing.

It's important to take your truck in for servicing at the first indication of a problem. Getting the issue fixed now can prevent having to make a large investment into a total replacement down the road. Make an appointment with a mechanic who specializes in transmission repairs and servicing to ensure the best possible results.


21 January 2015

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